Jordan Environment Society – Current Projects

1•  Recycling Project:

The project involves three partner NGOs (JES, RSCN, and AWO). The main achievements of the project so far are the fact that larger numbers of people are becoming supporters of the recycling process, more collection sites have been allocated, production of information materials on local recycled paper is increasing and improving in quality with more people becoming convinced to use these products.

We would like to inform you about the recycling project; which is a program that aims at spreading the idea of recycling through organizing awareness programmes in schools, factories, homes, institutions and associations.

These awareness programs are accompanied with collecting used paper and plastic; as a way for the local community to support and participate in the segregation and collecting processes, in addition to produce and market various products, to encourage using the recycled paper and plastic.

Whereas working in recycling wasted paper has started with the initiative of a number of environmental volunteers at JES in 1995 accompanied with the gathering of some specialized people to work on spreading the idea of recycling in the local community. Therefore, a coalition has been formed between the local communities parties to guarantee a sponsoring support to the project and to find a base for cooperation between them .

2•  Environmental Training and Capability Building Unit Project

Jordan Environment Society (JES) has reactivated the king Hussein Program for Environmental Management, which was terminated in 1998 due to the cut-off of the fund from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) that which had adopted the establishment and the activation of this program in cooperation with the Public Institution for Environmental Protection (Ministry of Environment) in late 2002. The project aims at improving Jordans capability to meet the training needs in the field of environmental management.

3•  Nutrition Unit Project:

In 2006 JES established this unit to familiarize the community with food and health food supplements. JES provides consultations through this unit, and hold specialized courses in nutrition.

4•  Environmental Theatre Project:

The Society produced the first environmental comedy drama in Jordan and in the Arab World, entitled “Recycling”. This drama addresses the cultural interaction regarding domestic solid waste and its economic importance at the individual and national levels as a source of income, in addition to the environmental aspect. The drama was performed by the famous Jordanian actors Hussein Tbeshat who played Uncle Ghafels character, and Mahmoud Sayma Budor who played Hamdis character.

5•  The Iraqi Ministry of Environment employees Training Project:  

Based on the singed agreement between JES and World Health Organization (WHO)/Iraqs office to train Iraqi employees in environmental field,  five courses were conducted to cover five topics: environmental auditing, writing reports about the state of environment, environmental awareness, foundations of environmental health and  the principles of chemical safety.

6•  Environmental Student Network Project

7•  Waste Oil Recycling Project

8•  Environmental Garden Project

This piece is taken from the website of Jordan Environment Society.

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