Jordan Environment Society – Training

1.   Introduction

Jordan Environment Society (JES) has been established in Amman in 1988 and registered at the Ministry of Interior, as a non-governmental, non-profitable NGO, concerned with protecting the environment and preserving its basic elements of water, air, soil and living beings, in addition to reinforcing the principle of voluntary work in the Jordan, and creating an appropriate equation between development and economy without harming the environment, in order to achieve the principle of sustainable development.

JES has the embassies to cooperate with the Ministry of Environment (MoEnv) to develop the human resources of Jordanand the Region with environmental management expertise in order to build up the concept of sustainable development. In 2003, JES signed a memorandum of understanding with the MoEnv. The result of cooperation was the establishment of specialized Training and Capacity Building Unit between JES and the Ministry. This will result in an increasing in the capacity of Jordan training institution, to deliver effective environmental management training throughout the key related sectors. The Unit will build up the environmental capacity of human recourses through supplying opportunities for key institutions to participate accredit advanced training courses in environmental management.

2.   Training Principle

The principle of training is Train-Trainer or training of trainers (TOT) and according to the plane which was put by JES and Ministry of Environment, many Jordanian and regional participants will be qualified in many environmental management fields, which will develop the human recourses to build institutional training capacity.

3.   Objectives of Training

–  Developing the capacity of Jordan and Regional countries to meet environmental management training needs and practices.

–  Enhancing coordination among institutions involved in the formulation of environment–related policy.

–  Increasing awareness of environmental management importance to protect the environment.

–  Increasing the practical skills of the expertise in environmental management (EM) to achieve the concept of sustainable development.

–  Strengthen the EM capacities of partner institutions and regional institutions.

–  Formalizing the system of accredit advanced training courses in EM.

–  Increasing the capacity to apply a range of enforcement tools including environmental legislation to develop effective compliance strategies which will support environmental protection goals.

4.   Target Groups

  • Decision makers who have certain level in environmental matters.
  • Technicians and NGOs.
  • Private sector.
  • Public agencies, ministries, and municipalities.


5.     Certificates

Any trainee who completes the training course requirements will be granted a certificate from both MoEnv and JES. Formalizing system of accredit of training course, which would allow participants to accumulate credit towards formal diploma or other organized certificate.

6.     Available Training Courses (For more details see the attached table)


1. EIA: Environmental Impact Assessment: Overview

2.     EIA: Scoping, Screening and Terms of Reference Development for EIA

3.   EIA: Preparation of EIA Report

4.     EIA: Reviewing the EIA Report

5.     EIA: Public Participation of  EIA

6.     EHIA: Environmental Health Impact Assessment

7.     Environmental Auditing

8.       Environmental Law

9.       Environmental Public Awareness (PA)

10. State of Environment Reporting (SOER)

11. Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA)

12. Basic Environmental Health 

13.Radio Active (transportation, storage, ext….)

14. Chemical Safety Training Modules

15. GIS and GPS

16. Sport and Environment

17. Environmental Engineering

18. Effective Planning for Natural Reserves

19. Waste Water Treatment

1D (Prerequisite)

4D (150JD)

4D (150JD)

4D (150JD)

4D (150JD)


Please note that:

All course presentations are subject to minimum registrations.

If you have the minimum registrations, we can bring any course to your location.

–  We can tailor course content and schedule to suit your specific requirements

–  Any of the courses above can be re-scheduled to suit your training needs.

For further information, contact:

P.O Box: 922821 Amman 1192

Tel. +962.6.5699844

Fax: +962.6.5695857


This piece is taken from the website of the Jordan Environment Society.

See on-line at:

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