Jordan Badia Research and Development Centre (BRDC) – BRDC Field Stations

BRDC has offices in Amman, Safawi (the Northern Badia) and Ma’an (the southern Badia). These facilities can accommodate many researchers at the same time.

Amman Offices

 The head quarter of BRDC is located inside the Higher Council for Science and Technology building in Jubeiha. BRDC has five offices in the building, which accommodates nine staff members. Researchers who have work in Amman can use the available space for a certain period of time. BRDC is willing to rent more offices if needed.

Safawi Field Centre (SFC)

   To facilitate the implementation of the BRDC’s objectives, the Safawi Field Centre was established on the airforce base in the village of Safawi, Jordan (previously known as H5). One hundred and fifty-six kilometres northeast of Amman, on the Amman to Baghdad highway, the centre serves as a base for the various centre activities.

   The buildings at the centre were originally part of the housing complex for the workers at the H5 oil pumping station. This station was part of the pipeline that linked Karkuk in Iraq to The Haifa Port on the Mediterranean. Constructed and inaugurated in 1934 by Iraqi Petroleum Company (IPC), the piping was replaced with one of a larger diameter in the 1940s only to be closed down in 1948.

   The buildings, made of hewn basalt, are now completely restored and equipped to provide a comfortable base for visiting scientists, post-graduates, trainees, volunteers and the centre’s permanent staff.


   Facilities at the centre include: accommodations, cartographic and other research laboratories in various disciplines, computer rooms (information technology unit, GIS), seminar rooms, lecture rooms, study rooms, offices, a reference library, a herbarium of Badia plants, lounge, television room, kitchen, dining room, natural resources display room and storage facilities. Transportation is available to researchers to assist with their fieldwork. The centre is also provided with telecommunications, direct national and international telephones, fax and high speed Internet.

   BRDC can offer researchers places in its residence halls. BRDC has a limited number of rooms and sometimes researchers might have to share their room with other researchers.

   Since most of BRDC accommodations have no cooking facilities, BRDC provide free meals. Three meals are served daily in BRDC dining room. Researchers are welcome to be served in the centre, but if they choose not to, Safawi’s town has restaurants and supermarkets localy and most of which operate 24 hours.

   The use of and access to the centre vehicles is controlled by the SFC administrator during office hours or the duty officer after hours and during weekends. Researchers are entitled to the use of vehicles only to carry out there research duties.

   BRDC library was established in 1992. Since then the library has been growing rapidly to meet the needs of researchers, staff, and local communities. Now it holds about 4000 books, periodicals, and journals.

Pince Hussein Knowledge Station

   Prince Hussein Knowledge Station is a satellite structure of the Information and Documentation unit of the SFC. It was opened in November of 2000 as the first of the National Information Technology Center’s (NITC) Knowledge Station program. With 15 PC’s – donated by the UNDP, Ministry of education, Ministry of Planing and the NITC – the station serves more than 370 residents from Safawi and nearby villages in IT training. Amman Rotary club donated a 13 passenger van to facilitate the transportation of people from the surrounding villages to the centre.

The center has four main aims:


  1. Bridging the digital divide between urban communities and the Badia community.  
  2. Training the local community on the use of computer technology.  
  3. Creating job opportunities through the use of digital networks.  
  4. Enhancing people awareness about the importance of information technology.

Ma’an Offices

   In 2005, BRDC established a new field centre in Ma’an inside Al-Hussein University’s old campus. The centre has several offices for staffs and researchers to use. The Centre has high speed Internet connection. Meals and accommodation are not provided by the centre. Researchers have to find there own accommodation at the mean time.

Hassan Station

   Since 1995, BRDC has acquired Tall Hassan renewable energy station from the Royal Scientific Society. The station is located ten kilometers to the north of the town of Azraq. It has offices and accommodation for staffs and researchers. Meals are not provided at the station. The station does have cooking facilitates. There is no Internet connection in the station at the mean time.

Hamza Campus

   Hamza campus is located thirty kilometers south east of Azraq in the old offices of Jordan Petroleum Company that used to operate in Hamza Oil field.

   The campus has several buildings for accommodation and offices. The campus has no Internet connection at the mean time. Meals are not provided in the campus, although, researchers can use the available cooking facilities.

This piece is taken from the website of the Jordan Badia Research and Development Centre (BRDC).

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    The buildings at the centre were originally part of the housing complex for the workers at the H5 oil pumping station. This station was part of the pipeline that linked Karkuk in Iraq to The Haifa Port on the Mediterranean. ……

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