Jordan Badia Research and Development Centre (BRDC) – BRDC Structure

BRDC has several divisions that deal with different issues related to research and development in the Jordanian Badia. BRDC has the following Departments:

  1. Research and Development
  2. Information and Documentation
  3. Community Development
  4. Administration
  5. Financial

  6.   BRDC has an international advisory committee and a local administration council that involves several government officials from different government agencies and institutions including universities and ministries. Also, BRDC has a scientific affairs committee that involves scientists from different universities and agencies in Jordan.


    Research and DevelopmentHead of Division: Dr. Mohammad Al-Smairan


    • Preparing research and development programs and follow up on their execution
    • Preparing Project proposals in collaboration with national and international institutes
    • Preparing technical reports for research projects executed by the centre
    • Follow up research and development projects funded by the centre
    • Preparing developmental projects based on research findings of the centre research projects
    • Maintaining field stations used for research and development
    • Facilitating equipment and services needed for researcher from national and international institutes


    1. Sustainable Development of Dry lands
    2. Sustainable Management of Marab Hassan
    3. Agro-business Study
    4. Bedouin Health Project
    5. Application of Biosolids in Rangeland
    6. Palm Date Project
    7. Jameed Project
    8. Middle East Watershed Monitornig and EvaluationThe department has 5 staff mebers in the following disciplines.
  7. Renewable Energy Expert: PhD.
  8. Animal Production Engineer: M.Sc.
  9. Soil, Water and Irrigation Engineer: B.Sc.
  10. Geologist: B.Sc.
  11. Secretary: DiplomaUnits
    • Applied Research Unit
    • Studies and Research Unit
    • Field Station Unit
      • Hassan Field Station
      • Hamzeh Field Station

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    Information and Documentation Head of Division: Dr. Odeh Al-Meshan

    Responsibilities of the Department:

    • Store the collected information in all research projects (Paper and digital documentation)
    • Build Geographical Information database about the Badia region of Jordan.
    • Analyze satellite imageries and aerial photographs for different areas in the Badia
    • Run the local area network of PC’s used by BRDC staff.
    • Maintain the internet connection in field stations affiliated to BRDC.
    • Participate in research projects that need IT, GIS and Remote Sensing experience
    • Provide researchers with books and journals about different aspects of the arid lands.
    • Provide IT training to the local community in cooperation with the National Information Technology Centre.

    The department participated in the last three years in the following research projects:

    1. Assessment of soil organic carbon stocks and change at national scale: A research project funded by the Global Environmental Facility (GEF). For more information about this project please visit the project web site (GEFSOC).
    2. Developing Model Components for a Deserts of the World Web Site project: A project funded by the International Arid Lands Consortium (IALC): Fore more information about this project, please visit the project web site (Deserts of the World).

    The department has six staff members in the following disciplines:

    • GIS and Remote Sensing Expert: Ph.D.
    • Computer Engineer: B.Sc. in Computer Engineering
    • Techincal Supporter: B.Sc in Plitical Science
    • Data entry: B.Sc. in Geography
    • Liberian: B.A in libraries and Documentation
    • IT trainer: B.Sc.
    • Secretary: Secondary School Certificate

    The department is divided into three units as follows:

    1. The Computer unit: It runs all PC’s within the Centre and its affiliated field Stations. It also hosts the GIS and Remote Sensing data for the Badia region.
    2. The library: It hosts more 4000 books and journals in all fields related to the Arid and semi-arid lands. It also has the TEEAL electronic library for all journals that deal with agriculture, water and environment.
    3. Prince Hussein Knowledge Station: The station provides the local community with IT training in cooperation with the National Information Technology Centre.

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    Community DevelopmentHead of Division: Muhsen Al-Shrufat

      The Local Community Development Division vision is of active rural communities shaping their own futures with improved opportunity and quality of life for all.

      The Local Community Development Division mission is that we strive to make this happen through our direct work with communities, our local knowledge, networks, professional services, and our influencing role.

    The Head of the division is responsible for the overall operation of the Division, including the Department work priorities, budget, personnel and project scheduling. Major goals or initiatives for the Department this year include continued work on the Document Imaging Project

    The Local Community Development division is organized into the following units

    • Administrative unit
      • is responsible for follow up internal issues of the division and daily payment.
    • Projects unite
      • This Division is responsible for managing and supervising the local community projects that carried out by Badia Research and Development Centre.
    • Extension unit
      • is responsible for the following issues:
        • Building the capacity of citizen participation in local community development.
        • Promote healthy, economically viable agricultural practices.
        • Improved planning and management skills
        • Training the communities to increase financial and in-kind contributions from their members.
        • Training the communities to write proposals for donors and obtain governmental support.
        • Training the communities to involve community residents in designing programmes, monitoring the quality of services, and ensuring they meet the needs of the client base.

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    AdministrationHead of Division: Khalid Masoum

    Administration Division Tasks:

    • Logistic support for researchers
    • Personnel Management
    • Preparing technical reports for research projects executed by the centre
    • Follow up research and development project funded by the centre
    • Equipment needs, description, purchasing, maintenance
    • Maintaining field stations used for research and development
    • Patch control (incoming and outgoing correspondence)

    Number of employees and sub-divisions:

    1. Administration unit (1)
    2. Transportation sub-unit (7)
    3. Hospitality sub-unit (10)
    4. Warehouse sub-unit (1)
    5. Maintenance sub-unit (1)
    6. Operator sub-unit (1)
    7. Personal & patch control sub-unit (1)

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    FinancialNo information at this time.

  12. This piece is taken from the website of the Jordan Badia Research and Development Centre.

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