The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature – National Curriculum

In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, RSCN has been steadily integrating environmental concepts into the Jordanian curricula to ensure that environmental awareness is developed at an early stage, reaching a large section of students over a range of ages through grade 1 – 12. Environmental concepts that are related to students’ lives and surroundings have been tied closely with existing lessons in the curricula, motivating students to better understand these topics. Through their participation in environmental related school activities, children can become more involved in nature conservation and protection.

Environmental concepts are integrated into school books in a way that is suitable with expected learning outcomes. Such information is appropriate to the students’ age, widely dispersed through the subject areas and presented in a realistic way which encourages the development of practical skills and positive attitudes, to be reflected in their everyday behavior and practices.

In the past, topics have covered the environment in general, and water conservation in specific. In 2003, RSCN took the opportunity to develop curricula with the Ministry of Education as a part of Educational Reform for Knowledge Economy Project, to include biodiversity concepts in the curricula. Presently, herbs and medicinal plants concepts are being integrated as additional subjects in relation to vocational studies in secondary education.

RSCN has also focused on creating different learning resources, including educational cds, websites, guidebooks, and games, to enhance learning and stimulate students’ interest in environmental education. These resources provide for all children’s needs, taking into account multiple learning styles and skills.

This piece is taken from the website of the Royal Society of the conservation of Nature.

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