Environment Society of Oman – Projects: Education & Awareness

Recycling Campaign
Plastic Bag Campaign
Children’s Environmental Fair

Recycling Campaign

Aim: To promote corporate and public recycling projects in the Sultanate

Issues: Since May 2006, a project has been under way to identify and mature recycling projects in Oman.
At the moment, there is a surprising amount of primarily small-scale collection of high value materials, primarily for export. Those who do collect materials (“takers”) generally send their waste to India to be recycled as they are compensated for it there. There are a few local companies that have recycling facilities.

We have contacted a large number of (potential) taker, supplier, and facilitator companies and organizations over recent months. Primary contact has been with supplier and taker companies, plus some opening discussions with the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, MRMEWR, and Muscat Municipality. We have also had discussions with several schools. A workshop with some 20 participants took place on 5th June.

In summary, the following arenas exist:
1. Corporate (company-to-company) recycling
2. Public recycling (traditional containers in public places)
3. Social recycling (eg schools receiving a financial reward)
4. Hazardous waste and government/municipality landfill policy

Highlights to date:
1. Very successful workshop of key corporate stakeholders on 5th June, led to clarity on the forward plan and issues
2. Strong interest by Muscat Municipality, who were keen to get ESO involved in a fledgling project to introduce paper recycling for 60,000 school children in the Muscat area. Also interested in ESO support in HSE publicity, and landfill policy
3. Work under-way to populate a database of taker companies, leading to setting up a recycling website
4. A particular recent success is HSBC now sponsoring the project by providing intern manhours and computer expertise. Initially to build contacts, and mature the database and website, but then potentially moving on to maturing public recycling projects. This allows us to really dedicate manhours to the project, rather than relying on free-time availability of volunteers
5. Strong interest from companies on setting up a hazardous waste workgroup
6. Expressions of interest from various companies in potentially facilitating or sponsoring other aspects of the recycling project


• Identify potential taker companies
• Set up corporate recycling website (“who takes what?”), and publicise it
• Identify potential supplier and facilitator/sponsor companies. And understand their requirements…
• Identify locations for public and social recycling projects, and work with facilitators to mature these projects. Of their nature, these projects will involve high-profile publicity
• Need to clearly understand governmental drivers, boundaries, and areas of potential active involvement
• Work with Municipality and Ministries to promote recycling projects, actual processing of materials in Oman, and business startup opportunities
• Promote awareness on the issues of recycling
• Promote recycling in schools, universities and colleges
• Investigate municipality compensation/subsidy for recycling
• Constant attention is required to keep corporate and governmental stakeholders moving.

Plastic Bag Campaign

Aim: To reduce the use of plastic bags throughout the Sultanate

Issues: Plastic bags are used at all retail outlets in Oman, and many times when it is unnecessary. Customers rarely say “no” to the bags and staff behind the counters are unaware of the environmental concerns use bags even when someone is just buying a bar of chocolate.


  • Educate staff at retail shops on the environmental effects of plastic bags and how to pack bags in order to reduce the quantities used.

B.Y.O.B (Bring Your Own Bag):

  • Encourage customers to bring their own cloth or re-usable plastic bags when they shop;
  • Sell both large and small ESO made reusable canvas bags for people to use when shopping. These bags have already been designed, made and many sold;
  • Print awareness posters to put up retail shops;
  • Get larger grocery stores to sponsor reusable canvas bags. They would sell these to customers as an option at the check out counters;
  • Possibly compensate customers who bring their own bags;
  • All funds raised from the sale of the bags will go towards this campaign.

How You Can Help:

  • Designing and printing awareness posters
  • Creating education packages or small talks to give to management/staff at retail shops
  • Promote this campaign through meetings and correspondence with retail shop management
  • Talk about the campaign and educate your family, friends and colleagues

Children’s Environmental Fair

Aim: Create a morning for children, where they can have a good time and at the same time come away with some environmental knowledge

Date: TBA

Venue: TBA

Issues: Children are the future of Oman’s environment they are tomorrow’s ESO members. By teaching them the importance of the environment they will become more conscientious adults tomorrow.


  • Promote awareness in a fun way
  • Involve the local schools and make them feel responsible

How You Can Help:

  • Print/Stamp and sell entrance tickets
  • Liaise with schools for them to organise games
  • Sell stalls (that are relevant to the event)
  • Create a treasure hunt/quiz/other games for the children on the day
  • Sponsorship/fundraising for event

This piece is taken from the website of the Environment Society of Oman.

See on-line at: http://www.environment.org.om/projoct_education_awareness.php


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