Environment Society of Oman – Strategy





define “a way forward” for support and possible cooperation. Current areas

include Ras al Hadd, Damaniyat Islands, Masirah Island and Wadi As Sareen.


Identify and meet with “stakeholders” of (selected) existing conservation areas to

conservation areas (offshore and onshore).


Prepare set of recommendations for joint management of (selected) existing

nature reserve working with local communities.


Prepare business plan and secure funding for pilot demonstration project with a

priority areas. Align with National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan



Establish annual review of existing programmes/projects portfolio to determine


Investigate local regional and international funding opportunities.

consolidate expertise. Create plan to ensure sustainability of ESO expertise.


Establish database of expert contacts (people, organisations, publications), to

main ESO mission.


Continue to support incoming new personal project proposals, if aligned with


Investigate/consolidate links with other organisations and stakeholders.5 YEAR

local community


Start implementing pilot demonstration project with nature reserves working with

implementation, standards.


Establish clear role for ESO, playing a greater part in conservation – policy,

nature conservation areas in an environmentally sensitive manner, including

sustainable tourism.


Joint venture body to manage (selected) areas – supporting them to jointly operate


Demonstrate to graduates a career exists in conservation in Oman.


Ensure all information and data is properly archived


Ensure NBSAP targets are being implemented.

traditional plant.


Start to identify projects to document / capture traditional knowledge eg of

knowledge bank in Oman. Establish ESO as a major repository of information.

Put processes in place to ensure quality of own database/knowledge.


Current databases and research of fauna and flora are scattered. Establish centralArea 2: EDUCATION AND AWARENESS


determine effectiveness.


Identify and start review of current ESO education/awareness practices to



Start identification of projects to encourage local community


Launch bilingual newsletter and encourage volunteers and members to contribute.

introduce environmental education in the curriculum. Push for action with

Ministry of Education.


MOU with Ministry of Education has been signed with ESO being an advisor to5 YEAR



Part time educator(s): lecturer in schools, organisations – en route to spreadingArea 3: CHANGING BEHAVIOUR


what we are doing now and why, what we should be doing, what we should focus

on and revise plans accordingly.


Establish annual review of existing programme/project portfolio to determine


List NGO’s, and engage with them on possible opportunities.


Engage with corporate members/sponsors on actions and commitments.



Work with other stakeholders to identify Oman CO2 sequestration or carbon credit

segregation/recycling project, and have decided on participation or not. Following

up target school communities outside Muscat.


All Muscat-area schools (public & private) have been made aware of the

participation in recycling and other behaviour-changing initiatives


Raise awareness in business and government, with aim of maximising5 YEAR


A number of key changing behaviour projects should be running successfully.

(start) providing foundation to government in an advisory role.


Projects or (applied) research opportunities identified and being implemented to

other major business/population centres.


Both corporate and public recycling should be established in Muscat, as well as in


ESO carbon neutrality.


Establish ESO as an environmental accreditation body for corporations.

as a result of engagement with ESO.


A significant proportion of communities’ and business’ behaviours are changing,Area 4: PR AND NETWORKING



Define publicity strategy, using professional advice and set targets.


Hire PR company to create high profile for ESO.


Build active network of contacts in key areas of government.

municipalities/clubs to build networks and identify decision-makers


Start to engage with government/industry/organisations / public /

explore activities/projects of common interest. Needs to be tied to clear ESO



Execute campaign to highlight role of ESO. Visit Municipalities and Ministries to


Attendance at all significant/relevant public eventsArea 5: GOVERNMENT POLICY



Pursue active partnership to influence policies and decisions.


Participate on key working groups and committees.


Participate in joint projects.



Build environmental awareness, within government via briefings and discussion

influence is required.


Review environmental laws, regulations and strategies, to see where action and5 YEAR


Active partnership with government to influence policies and decisionsArea 6: TOURISM AND ECO TOURISM



Understand the components (building blocks) of Tourism and Ecotourism


Understand Ministry of Tourism (MoT) structure

of Understanding. Need ESO negotiating team, mandate, strategy.


Engage with MoT and explore possible areas of cooperation. Agree Memorandum


Define ESO role/strategy in EIA/management plans

projects. Start with preparing (or being auditor of) EIA/management plans and

locating required experts, Sultan Qaboos University graduates.


Endeavour to influence the direction of Ras al Hadd and Damaniyat development5 YEAR

cooperation with Ministries (of Tourism, Environment and Climate Affairs,

Education) and Universities and Colleges.


Education role – influence design of education programmes/courses (eg. inArea 7: FUNDING



Sustainable non-project income: current RO 30K/year RO 60K/year.

strategy & activity level).


Sustainable project funding: current RO 30K/year 45 (depends on projects


Networking potential corporate/organisational sponsors.


International funding – identify and define sources.


Defined benefit structure for corporate members vs sponsors.


Define terms and conditions for corporate membership and sponsorship.


Create financial and fundraising strategy.5 YEAR


Be able to sustainably run ESO in an office of 4 to 5 full time staff.


Create ESO endowment fund


Mobilise funds for a green office for ESOArea 8: ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE



Define role/commitment of Board.


Define role/scope of and create Executive Committee.

project managers.


Create job descriptions for ESO Manager, and PR/fundraising coordinator and


Volunteer management plan.


Recruit part time fresh graduates on short term basis.5 YEAR


Long term sustainability and succession plan in place.

this role.


Recruit and fund Project Managers. Target young graduates / interested parties for


ESO should be active in areas outside of Muscat.Area 9: MEMBERSHIP



Increase individual membership by 30%.


Omani content current +/- 50/50 split 60%.



Corporate membership 1632 (ties to sponsorship, networking, proactive


Increase corporate membership fee to RO 1000.


Increase membership and activities outside Muscat.5 YEAR


2000 members.


75% Omani content.


Motivated and active individual members.


Motivated and active corporate members.

This piece is taken from the website of the Environment Society of Oman.

See on-line at: http://www.environment.org.om/pdf/ESO_Strategy_En.pdf


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