Water and Environment Centre – WEC


The Water and Environment Centre (WEC) was founded in 1999 and is affiliated to Sana’a University, Yemen. As a centre for water management and environmental science, it provides education and training, consultancy services

Key Activities

 1. IWRM Diploma/MSc. programme
The concept of IWRM has come to the forefront and is embraced by the government of Yemen. This approach considers the water crisis as a multidimensional socio-economic challenge and advocates multidisciplinary solutions in water management in addition to purely technical approaches.

The programme is financed by the Dutch government (Nuffic/NPT programme 2004-2008) and given by a group of Yemeni specialists supported by lecturers from Wageningen University/Netherlands, the Technical University Delft/Netherlands and Cairo University/Egypt and the support of the private companies MetaMeta (Wageningen/Netherlands) and Arcadis/Euroconsult (Arnhem/Netherlands). It has a total length of two years divided into four semesters and directed to students in the water sector in Yemen and the Arab region.

2. Training (short courses):

WEC offers tailor-made training courses targeting directly the need of specific organizations/groups of individuals actively involved in the water and environment sectors. The target groups are engineers, technicians, accountants and administrative staff in the water sector.

The short courses comprise a range of training in:

Awareness Program in Water and Wastewater

Water and Waste Water Project Management

Control of Unaccounted Water

Groundwater Fundamentals

Wastewater networks, Pumping Stations, and Pumps.

Waste Water Treatment and Sludge

Management, Operation & Maintenance of Rural Water Projects

Water and Environment

House Sanitation Connections

Sanitation in Urban & Rural Areas

Technical Reports Writing

EIA for Water And Sanitation Projects

Socio-Economic Studies for Projects

Rainfall Water Harvesting

Industrial Pollution

Skill Development and Training for Employments

Community Spate Irrigation

3. Research & Consultancy
The research and consultancy services of WEC are mainly concentrated on Water and Environmental problems related to urban and rural water sectors based on the request of local and international organizations. Some of the studies and projects conducted by WEC are:

  • Community Water Management Project
    Sana’a Basin Water Management Project
    Climate Change: (Adapting to water scarcity for Yemen’s vulnerable communities (2006- 2007)
    Building on Indigenous Knowledge for Water Demand Management (2006-2008)
    Economic Incentives in Groundwater Pumping

This piece is taken from the website of the Water and Environment Centre.

See on-line at: http://www.wec.suye.ac/


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