Wisdom in Nature – Action: Projects

We are involved in the following ongoing projects and campaigns:
RESOURCE CYCLE: Giving & Receiving with Human-ness
Where? This takes place usually at open forums.
What & How!?
We offer a couple of minutes for participants to announce (up to 3) items they don’t need, and would like to give away for free with no strings attached. If anyone else in the forum might have use for that item, the two can make arrangements for the item to be passed on.

Alternatively, any participant can announce something they don’t have, but would like. If anyone has that item and is willing to pass it on with no strings attached and no charge, that can be arranged too.

Background: The concept arose in August 2007 at a WIN Meeting. Here, there was a clear collective sense that the development of stronger local communities was a fundamental quality we would like to see in the world around us. The concept of Resource Cycle came up as a vehicle through which WIN could contribute to this process whilst helping reduce waste and the ‘consumption’ of new goods. It is also a step towards a more real economy. An additional quality that Resource Cycle offers is the face-to-face interaction that takes place between potential givers and receivers. This offers a more human quality, something that is tending to be eroded in our ‘modern’ world, yet is central to many of LINE’s projects.

A concept that recognises the essential need for personal, community and economic transformation in engaging with the ecological challenge. It includes the use of fasting and attempts to engage people with their hearts, minds and bodies. Initiated by WIN in 2007/2008, Fast for the Planet allows for two kinds of movements. A movement towards, and a movement away from. This will now be explained:

Moving away from: Through Fast for the Planet, we are expressing an intention to move away from our collective submission to:

i) corporate domination; ii) consumerism; iii) the dominant, interest-based and fictitious monetary-system; and of course, iv) our dependence on fossil fuels.

Moving towards: Simultaneously we are strengthening an intention that moves us towards:

i) activating more of our inner resources and human potential; ii) towards simplicity, sharing and community building; iii) towards economic systems that are nurturing to life, soul and community; iv) towards non-polluting energy, and sustainable use of the earth’s resources.

More info:
Website: www.fastfortheplanet.net
Blog: www.fastfortheplanet.blogspot.com

Available for venues/events:


WIN has produced an exhibition comprising a selection of high quality photographs which capture the changing climate in different parts of the globe, including in a number of predominately Muslim countries. There are also visual ideas on climate change solutions, and an exploration of what Islam says about the pressing challenge that is with us. Already displayed at the Mile End Fair, the London Muslim Centre and at a large gathering in Trafalgar Square, this production can be exhibited at a variety of events, with WIN representatives at hand to talk about the issues raised.  

If you would like to discuss having this exhibition displayed at your event/venue such as a mosque or community event, for example, then please feel free contact us. 

Please note, that there may be a small charge to cover expenses, and appropriate display boards will need to be provided.

Campaign against Climate Change (CCC)
Campaigning for an effective international agreement to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. CCC are particularly skilled at organising and mobilising for mass demonstrations.

This piece is taken from the website of Wisdom in nature.

See on-line at: http://www.wisdominnature.org.uk/Action/projects.htm

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