Wisdom in Nature – Who Are We

WIN Official Positions


Elizabeth Chawdhary
Muzammal Hussain
Shumaisa Khan
Wasi Daniju

In addition: Support to Chair: Shumaisa Khan ; Chair: Muzammal Hussain

These are responsible positions that are assumed on a voluntary basis

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Set up a Islamic Ecological Community Group

WIN is the first such group in the UK, and was established through the hard work of a small number of committed individuals. Having pioneered local Islamic ecological activism in the UK and developed a thorough grounding in group processes in a range of settings, WIN thus has considerable experience and expertise that we also offer to support newer groups. If you would like some general advice, or would like to draw on our more in depth experience and support, then please contact us. Workshops are also offered.

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Is WIN a subsidiary of any other group or organisation?

WIN is an autonomous group. This is supported by the fact that our day-to-day work is funded entirely by donations from individuals, allowing us to be independent of corporations and government.

Coupled with openness, this independence allows WIN to work as a team with other networks, both inside and outside Muslim communities, whilst retaining a fluid and creative nature.

Is WIN affiliated to any political party?

No. Whilst WIN believes that just like any relationship learning can take place both ways, thus WIN also believes that politicians can learn from us, and we can learn from them. Simultaneously, we are not affiliated to any political party. This does not however prevent any WIN member from also being a member of a political party of their own choosing, if they so wish. This however is neither formally encouraged nor discouraged.

What kind of organisations does WIN work with?

WIN has built links and has worked with numerous organisations in a variety of ways. These include, (in alphabetical order): BTCV, Campaign against Climate Change, Climate Camp, The Corner House, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Hilfield Project, Rising Tide, St Ethelburga’s Centre for Peace and Reconciliation, Tawhid Mosque, WELCOME & WDM (World Development Movement).

Why an ‘Islamic’ ecological group?

Islamic teachings offer profound principles that work in a holistic system which recognises the interactions between the diverse areas of life and society such as economics, health, peace and conflict for example and within which environmental care is also integrated. It also emphasises amongst a number of factors, the importance of spiritual development, on the journey through which our relationship with the world is affected, allowing us to recognise with increasing clarity that ultimately everything comes from one source, and is connected. The development of this experience presents a profound basis to ecological activism.

In this, as well as other regards, there are some similarities between Islamic ecological activism and other ideologies, and the beauty of these meeting points amongst ideologies is that they allow different groups to work together. Hence, being an Islamic group does not negate the probability of working with others that are not labelled Islamic. Indeed often there are far more similarities than differences. In addition an Islamic basis to ecological activism also touches people of the Islamic faith in an intimate way and offers them a realisation of the depth to their faith that they may not have had. This encourages motivation and opens up a greater human potential to meet the huge scale of the ecological challenge that humanity collectively faces.

Is there a formal membership structure to WIN?

Yes and No. There is a loose group of regular, committed volunteers who decide on key issues related to the running of the group, whilst taking into account the views of the wider network. This usually takes place at review meetings. Within this group is a Chair and Support to Chair, whose role is fundamentally to ensure the group stays within its own ethos.

Essentially anyone who regularly attends WIN forums and who believes and works within its ethos, Muslim or of another belief, can consider themselves to be an informal member of the group. On the other hand, attending review meetings requires a particularly strong commitment to WIN and resonance with its ethos. It also requires a certain amount of time for the review meetings. Please discuss with the Chair, if you are interested in attending.

Do I have to pay to participate in the group?

No. A sincere commitment to the processes and aims of the group is perhaps most important. An understanding of these can be achieved through this website, and experientially, through participating in the group’s activities.

I don’t have time to attend forums and events. Can I still help?

Quite possibly. Get in touch with us and we can have a chat. If you would like to help financially, you may like to visit our donate page. We also suggest joining the WINnotices elist, if you haven’t already done so.

How can I find out more?

Please explore this website or feel free to contact us directly.

This piece is taken from the website of Wisdom in Nature.

See on-line at: http://www.wisdominnature.org.uk/About%20Us/who_are_we.htm#LINE_official_positions

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