Saudi Gulf Environmental Protection Co. (SPECO Environment) – About Us

Experts in Environmental Activities

Saudi Gulf Environmental Protection Company SEPCO Environment has been established in 1997 as a unique company in the field of Environmental Protection. The company specialized initially in Medical Waste Management  which presently SEPCO Environment is the Gulf area leader in this field. We provide biological waste disposal services to more than 4,500 health care facilities (such as hospitals, polyclinics, research centers, etc.) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through analytical and innovative approach. SEPCO Environment focus now on

promoting Environmental Impact Assessments and providing exceptional  solutions to all of the Gulf area for a more safe environment.  
Environmental consulting and studies.
Medical and pharmaceutical waste management training, transportation and treatment.
SEPCO Environment approved and certified by Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME) for providing Environmental Impact Assessments (E.I.A.) and  environmental solutions  for  the industrial community.

SEPCO Environment acts as an agent and distributor for companies and industries in environmental monitoring, pollution control systems and waste treatment systems.

SEPCO Environment is currently negotiating joint venture plans to expand its area of coverage with foreign companies in the Middle East including  Gulf countries council (G.C.C.). 
SEPCO Environment has already established eight (8) major biological waste treatment plants in Riyadh, Jeddah, Khamis Musheit, Taif, Dammam, Tabuk, Al-Qaseem and Al-Madinah covering the entire country of Saudi Arabia. SEPCO Environment developed SepcoClave® which is a locally manufactured autoclave and a technology that is approved by (PME) for the treatment of Infectious Medical Waste.
SEPCO Environment is pleased to offer to its clients and the society ….
1. Environmental Impact Assessment and Solutions to different types of projects:
These assessments can be applied to a large scale projects like industrial areas (manufacturing plants & factories) or to small communities like homes and schools.
Sample List of E.I.A. done by SEPCO Environment
1. Medical Waste Treatment Plant, Jeddah
2. ARASCO Chemical (ARCHEM), Dammam
3. Medical Waste Treatment Plant, Riyadh
4. SepcoClave machine
5. Medical Waste Treatment Plant, Taif
6. Thermal Oxidation Unit, Jeddah
7. Obhur Beach Villa Offshore Works, Jeddah
2. Pollution Monitoring and Chemical Analyzing Systems:
SEPCO Environment provides Analyzer Technology which measures, monitors and analyzes different pollutants and elements prevalent in environment (Example: laboratories, factory stacks, oil (petrol), liquid, etc.). SEPCO Environment also offers portable and hand held devices for measuring, monitoring and analyzing ambient air, water quality and noise pollution.
3. In the Field of Treatment of different types of Polluted Waste:
We have agreements with engineering companies to develop new technologies in the environmental protection and energy recovery fields. Such activities are as follows:
1. Air Pollution Treatment Technology,
2. Waste Treatment Technology for Industrial Waste (Solid, Liquid, Gas) and Municipal Waste,
3. Energy Recovery Equipments and Systems,
4. Water Treatment Systems.

This piece is taken from the website of the Saudi Gulf Environmental Protection Co. (SPECO Environment).

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