Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs: Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency – History

The EEAA, established by virtue of law no.4 of the year 1994, is to replace the Agency established by Presidential Decree No. 631 of the year 1982, in all its rights and obligations. The latter Agency ‘s staff are to be transferred to the EEAA with their grades and seniority and are to be assigned to the administrative sectors of the EEAA by a Decree issued by the Agency ‘s Executive Head. 

EEAA, the acronym for the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency, was officially launched in 1982.

In June 1997, the responsibility of Egypt’s first full time Minister of State for Environmental Affairs was assigned as stated in the Presidential Decree no.275/1997. From thereon, the new Ministry of Sate for Environmental Affairs (MSEA) has focused, in close collaboration with the national and international development partners, on defining environmental policies, setting priorities and implementing initiatives within a context of sustainable development.

MSEA and EEAA are the highest authority in Egypt responsible for promoting and protecting the environment, and coordinating adequate responses to these issues. 

This piece is taken from the website of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency.

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