Friends of the Environment Center – About Us

Who Are We

Friends of the Environment Center is located in Qatar, Doha. It is a non-profit organization seeking to enrich the concept of environmental conservation and community education. The center was established in October 1992. We have independent activities and events. All these projects are fund through the cooperation and support from companies and private institution.
Our Charter

Our belief consists of preserving the environment, to use and enjoy without harming its natural resources, land, and sea. We work sincerely to do our best in preserving the beautiful environment to remain clean and safe for our future generations.
Objectives of the Center

  • To create a greater environmental awareness among citizens and others, acquainting them with the characteristics of the country’s environment and how it relates to society, their impact on the evolution, and development.
  • Urge individuals to research and innovate in order to foster environmental cultural and advocacy.
  • Guide individuals towards the preservation of the environment and contribute to the protection from pollution, degradation, and extinction.
  • Encourage individual and collective initiatives that contribute to sustainable development.
  • To spread knowledge, skill development, sound environmental behaviors in the community, and installs a sense of responsibility in the protection of the environment.
  • Deepen the sense of the importance of environmental care as a basis in the process of sustainable development of society and the definition of the scientific concept of proper balance between development and environmental safety.

Center Units

The specified sections of the Friends of the Environment in recent years, has been canceled and the consolidation of these units are acting collectively without division.
Environmental Awareness Unit

The unit aims to educate the public about global environmental issues, with a focus on what matters to the regional environment of the Arabian Gulf region and the country environment in particular. It will be an important incentive for participation either directly or indirectly in the preservation of the environment and solving problems. Take into account the direct programs to all levels of decision makers through BMNFVE to the general public, giving particular importance to the role of women and children.
Environmental Health Unit

The unit aims to increase awareness of health among the members of the community to preserve the environment to remain clean and healthy. It implements special programs through various environmental elements, including the air, water, food, housing and sanitation.
General Service Unit

The unit aims to develop and organize training programs for participants in the public service through activities and skills appropriate to preserve the environment. This is done through the establishment of camps, and participating in local camps, regional and global programs. Including scientific, cultural, social and recreational matters related to the environment.
Environmental Heritage Unit

The unit aims to identify natural heritage sites, cultural and scientific studies on environmental influences on various archaeological sites. The unit searches ways to preserve them from deterioration to find the best ways to protect and manage them.
Reserves and Research Unit

It has become necessary to work on protection of plant species and wild animals from extinction and development, and this is what the aim of the unit is. It will identify the types of wildlife and to promote research and studies concerning the protected areas suitable for preservation and the creation of appropriate conditions for their growth and survival.
Friends of the Family Unit

The unit aims towards working on family fun of life in a clean environment, with the development of mental functions when all family members, especially mothers and children to achieve the integrity of the family and the environment.
International Relations Unit

The unit represents the liaison between the center and all international bodies and organizations. The issues addressed are about the environment; both on the regional or global level, and is the vantage of the window and see which countries and communities around us.
Environmental Information Unit

The unit seeks to work within the system, introducing important environmental sites to allow the center and users of its full uses of environmental information and thus stand on the latest developments in environmental conditions.

This piece is taken from the website of the Friends of the Environment Center.

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