Friends of the Environment Center – Activities

Program Activities

A Flower Each Spring program targets all sectors of the Qatari society, citizens, and expatriates as well as the entire populations of the G.C.C. countries.

Information about Halopeplis Perfoliata (AlKheriza) will be presented to the public through all means of mass media and communication. Planned activities include a wide range of contests and events.
This year’s events:-

  • Fairs and Exhibitions: several fairs and exhibitions will be organized in public places inside Doha, with a view to informing the public about the importance of this plant. This will continue throughout the program with a final general Exhibition at the end of the program.
  • Field trips: weekly field trips will be organized for school students accompanied by their teachers & children by parents, including others who are interested to become acquainted with the plant in its natural habitat. Games and other educational information will be presented as well.
  • Symposia on Halopeplis Perfoliata: scientists and experts on Halopeplis Perfoliata in various countries of the GCC will be invited to participate in symposium organized by the program in Doha.

Contests on the Halopeplis Perfoliata plant:

  • Scientific research for youths: This contest is open to students of the age category 12-18 years from governmental and non-governmental schools, and community. They are to provide scientific studies and essays on Halopeplis Perfoliata. Their information must be supported and documented with references, pictures, and drawings in this competition.
  • Scientific research for adults: This competition is open to all adult individuals. Subject of contest includes scientific studies and essays on Halopeplis Perfoliata, as well as presenting a high stipulation in search of scientific articles on the plant.
  • Literary competition (a.k.a associate of environmental literature): Open to all writers and poets. Works of poetry and prose on Halopeplis Perfoliata are invited.
  • Fine arts competition: The contest welcomes fine art works on Halopeplis Perfoliata in painting, photography, posters, and sculptures. This is conduced in two levels, youth and adults. Children (less than 12 years), Youth (12-18 years), and Adults (19 years and older)
  • Painting (Children – Youth – Senior)
  • Photography (young adult)
  • Designs (young adult)
  • Solids (young adult)
  • Youth centers, Clubs, and School activity competition: This completion opens to all schools (governmental and non-governmental), and to all educational levels. Subjects of contest include school activities and programs related to Halopeplis Perfoliata. This is similar to the clubs and youth centers.

The assessment is based on the following elements:

  • The number of participants in the events of students or members
  • The number of activities (lectures, trips, competitions and awareness campaigns, exhibitions, and contribution to the cultivation of the Halopeplis Perfoliata).
  • Number of posts information by different means; the press – radio – TV – posters – publications (brochures).

Contest terms:

  • A form must be filled to participate.
  • All research papers, reports, and works should be submitted with supporting references and documentations.
  • All submitted works become the property of the A Flower Each Spring program and will not be returned.
  • Previous work and plagiarism will not be accepted.
  • The decision of the judges will be final and binding.
  • Winners of each contest will be announced and receive a prize at the closing ceremony of the program, and all participants will get a certificate of participation.
  • If the work was handed in as a group, the prize will be equally distributed to the participants.
  • A contestant may not participate in more that one contest.
  • See specific requirements for each contest on the entry form.
  • All entries should be submitted to FEC, Sunday-Wednesday, 8am-12pm and 5pm-9pm.
  • All entries must be completely filled and submitted along with the work to FEC on or before November 30th, 2010.

For inquiries, please contact us. You may find our contact information’s in the contact us page.

This piece is taken from the website of the Friends of the Environment Center.

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