Eco-Environmental Consultants – Eco Campaigns: Asbestos Removal from Al Salam Beach

In June 1999 while surveying Al-Salam Beach (Translated in Arabic as the Peaceful Beach) located at the southern sandy beaches of Kuwait Bay ECO found massive quantities of Asbestos pipes and fragments on the beach. Families were setting beside them and children were play on them. The pipes were confirmed by ECO as asbestos pipes. And to confirm it a sample was taken and sent to UK for analysis in an accredited lab.

The analysis confirmed the presence of blue asbestos fibers in massive quantities. Kuwait’s EPA was contacted in order to deal with the situation and to remove the pipes. In August 1999 a special task force was formulated by the EPA and included EPA staff headed by Dr. Muhammad Al-Sar’awi the general director and president of the EPA council, Dr. Ali Muhammad Khuraibet the general manager of ECO-Environmental Consultants Firm, Kuwait Diving Team, Ministry of Interior, Kuwait’s Fire Brigade, Ministry of Health and Kuwait Municipality.

A plan was formulated and within 3 days the whole asbestos pipes were removed. In ECO we care for the environment and the people. This is one of our services that we provide free for the community.

This piece is taken from the website of Eco-Environmental Consultants.

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