Eco-Environmental Consultants – Eco Campaigns: Birds of Prey

Illegal hunting and selling of migratory birds as pets is practiced in Kuwait especially during the winter and spring seasons. Most of the birds that are hunted are migratory birds of prey that fly as far as Russia to Kuwait and other countries in the region. Hunting guns and traps are used to shoot and hunt the birds. Most of the birds are shot for fun and rarely live. The ones trapped are mainly sold illegally at the Birds Market.

At ECO Environmental Consultants Firm we started a protection project with specific objectives. The first objective was to make decision-makers aware of the problem and urge them to take actions. The second objective was to fully understand the methods of hunting and trapping in order to prevent the selling of them. The third objective was to urge hunters not to hunt the birds. Finally the last objective was temporary to buy the birds from the Birds Market and to free them.

This piece is taken from the website of Eco-Environmental Consultants.

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