Eco-Environmental Consultants – Eco Campaigns: Reef Rescue

Kuwait’s southern islands (Kubar, Qaruh and Um Al-Maradem) and their coral reefs ecosystems are facing significant environmental problems. Coastal erosion, metal debris from decommissioning piers, illegal fishing practices and unsustainable diving practices are major problems around these islands. At Eco Environmental Consultants Firm we initiated a campaign to remove all types of metal debris from the southern marine areas of Kuwait. With the full support of NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors) representative in the Middle East Mr. Ala Eldein A. Ali two small campaigns were started in 1998 to remove debris from the bottom of Al-Khiran Resort Marina and Donkey Reef.

In June and August 1999 a massive campaign was organized to remove metal debris from Um Al-Maradem and Qaruh islands. Under the title of “Reef Rescue Campaign” an organizing committee was formulated. The committee members were:

Mr. Ala Eldein Ali representing both NAUI and Al-Boom Marine Company.
Dr. Ali Muhammad Khuraibet representing Eco Environmental Consultants Firm.
Mr. Waleed Al-Fadel representing Kuwait Diving Team.
Mr. Ahmad Al-Hazeem representing Ministry of Health.
Mr. Shaker Al-Hazeem, a coral expert, representing Eco.
Mr. Fahad Al-Sumait representing Equate Petrochemical Company (a joint venture between Union Carbide and Kuwait’s Petrochemical Industries Company).
Miss Mintaha Al-Bagdadi representing Equate Petrochemical Company.

Many governmental and private establishments joined the campaigns. These include Kuwait’s Fire Brigade, Gulf Stainless Steel Company, Al-Mojel Travel and Tour Company, Dania Caned Food Company and Americana Food Company. Both Um Al-Maradem and Qaruh islands reef rescue campaigns were very successful. The estimated metal debris removed was 40 ton. The organizing committee is organizing in July-August 2000 the third and last stage of the campaign, that is, to remove the metal debris from Kubar Island.

This piece is taken from the website of Eco-Environmental Consultants.

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