Eco-Environmental Consultants – About Eco

Eco-Environmental Consultants Firm
Environment & Community Onward

“We donate 2.5% of our profit to humanitarian & environmental causes ”

The Founder & General Manager of Eco is Dr. Ali Muhammad Khuraibet.

Our logo represents a deep concept with a philosophical touch. It represents the unity, differences and harmony of the earth components and the universe.

Our logo design is based on the concept of harmony with and in nature. To achieve harmony between human activities and nature, ethics and good conduct are needed to prevent adverse impacts associated with human activities on the environment and the need to use the earth’s capital resources in a sustainable way.

Eco is derived from the Greek word OIKOS, which simply means the things that surrounds a house. It became a term that describes the environment and its components.

Eco Environmental Consultants is not only an environmental firm with a philosophical touch but, also, with a social responsibility. Every year the firm will donate a specific percentage of its profits to worthy environmental and social causes. This is why our motto, also, reads ECO: Environment & Community Onwards.

This piece is taken from the website of Eco-Environmental Consultants.

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