Eco-Environmental Consultants – Services

What ECO-Environmental Consultants can do for you?

Eco has solutions to your environmental concerns and problems. You can consult Eco on the following issues:

Environmental Impact Assessment and Management for development projects and environmental policies including air, noise, electromagnetic fields, water, soil, health and socio-economic impact assessment.

Environmental Auditing and ISO 14001.

Base Line Studies and ecological surveys including desert, intertidal and subtidal ecological surveys.

Sample collection, analysis, interpretation, quality control and statistical analysis.

Biodiversity studies and management of protected areas, marine, coastal and desert zones.

Studies related to natural and environmental catastrophic events.

Sick Buildings Syndrome (SBS) and environmental health studies.

Environmental awareness and media.

Waste management including municipal, infectious and hazardous waste.

Soil treatment and decontamination.

Environmental planning and management including land-use planning, GIS and remote sensing.

Sustainable development strategies and policies.

Environmental policy analysis.

Soil assessment, ground water management and analysis and pesticides management.

Environmental training for employees including tailor made courses.

ECO Community services works

ECO deeply believes that public participation and awareness can initiate and lead to positive environment changes. The Firm initiates, participate and support environment campaigns. The following are major events that were initiated and supported by ECO:

The removal of asbestos pipes from Al-Salam Beach west of Kuwait City.

Birds of prey, kestrels, protection awareness program and the release of such birds from captivity.

Reef Rescue campaign to remove metal rods and pipes weighting more than 100 ton from Um Al-Mardim and Qaruh Islands, underwater activity, south of Kuwait. **

Reef Rescue campaign to remove metal rods and pipes, underwater activity, weighting over 20 ton from Kubar Island.***

Establishing guidelines for the Al-Wataniya Telecommunication Company to construct a microwave tower on Kubar Island.***

The National Campaign to declare Um-Namil Island as a protected Area.**

Carrying-out three national environmental campaigns to remove waste dumped on Um-Namil Island.***

Lecturing at schools such as Al-Bayan School on environmental issues and taking students to sensitive environmental areas to appreciate the beauty of the nature.

Supported Kuwait Turtle group to establish their protection programme to protect Kuwait’s Marine Turtles.

Carried out sampling and analysis for “Kohl” which is a traditional Eye-liner for its lead contents, and its toxicity. Carried out initial environmental and health assessment for two cities in Iraq after its Liberation.

This piece is taken from the website of Eco-Environmental Consultants.

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