Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi – Corporate Services Sector

This function provides organisation-wide efficient and effective support services to various sectors of EAD.
The sector is made up of:

– Finance and Administration
– Environment Information Management
– Procurement and Contracts
– Human Resources
Human Resources: We are committed to developing a culture of excellence, collaboration, innovation, commitment and respect, and to building organizational capacity and leadership capability. We believe that we can only succeed through the combined contribution of all our staff and we strive to ensure that every member of staff is given the opportunity and support they need to realize their potential.

Emiratisation is key to our future success and we are committed to the development of all UAE National staff, irrespective of their qualifications and experience. We support UAE National men and women who are currently undertaking their studies at local colleges and offer them both summer placements and internships, through which they can gain work experience and on-job training.

For career opportunities with the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, please go to Career Opportunities

Environment Information Management : This department is made up of:

-Systems, Business Applications
-Environmental Data Management
-Environmental Data Services
We implement, administer and manage the network, mail and security systems, upgrade them to meet the latest technologies. We support the employees for their proper usage and operation. We also help to develop computer applications to automate the manual processes. We also administer, manage and keep updating the back-end database systems, train employees to adapt to new applications and support them in their day-to-day operations.

We are also responsible for the design and management of standards-based environmental database and developing GIS-based applications for EAD and its stakeholders.

We support EAD’s operational activities through digital image processing and spatial data processing applications and provides efficient data capturing and pre-processing services: map scanning, raster-to-vector conversion, OCR, manual digitizing and digital data reformatting.

This function manages and implements biodiversity and natural resources management priorities within the Emirate for the areas of Terrestrial Environment. It defines, coordinates and guides terrestrial environment research priorities and their implementation based on Abu Dhabi Policy Agenda. It manages, directs and develops Terrestrial Protected Areas Network, with the overall responsibility of terrestrial protected areas and endangered species. It develops and manages the Emirate’s Biodiversity Conservation Programme, including the establishment and implementation of priorities for biodiversity conservation, wildlife management, protected areas and environmental research.

This piece is taken from the website of the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi.

See on-line at: http://www.ead.ae/en/en-us/coporative.services.sector.aspx

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