Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi – Fact Sheet

Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD)
Official Environment Agency of the government of Abu Dhabi
Address Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD)
PO Box 45553
Abu Dhabi
Al Mamoura Building
Al Morour Road (St.5) cross with Mohamed bin Khalifa Road
(St. 15)
T: +971 2 4454777
F: +971 2 4463339
E-mail: customerservice@ead.ae
Website: http://www.ead.ae
Profile Established in 1996, the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi
(EAD) provides direction to government, business and industry,
and the community on building environmental considerations
into the way they plan and live, without compromising the
development of the Emirate.
In 2008, EAD was awarded ISO 9001 for Quality; ISO 14001
for Environment and ISO 18001 for Health and Safety.
The Agency is committed to:
􀂃 Improve the quality and quantity of water resources
􀂃 Improve air quality
􀂃 Raise awareness on climate change
􀂃 Protect society and environment from waste and
hazardous materials
􀂃 Conserve biological diversity
􀂃 Champion the implementation of the Environment,
Health and Safety Management System
Milestones 􀂃 EAD oversees implementation of the Environment,
Health and Safety Management System in Abu
Dhabi. This system allows businesses to achieve
their objectives efficiently by managing their impact
on the environment, and minimizing occupational
and public health and safety risks
􀂃 EAD leads the development of a Climate Change
policy and strategy for Abu Dhabi
􀂃 EAD partners with international experts to establish
enhanced environmental management and air
quality monitoring programmes for the Emirate
􀂃 EAD established the Abu Dhabi Sustainability
Group (ADSG) the first of its kind at the level of
public sector institutions in the Arab world. The
ADSG comprises 15 of Abu Dhabi’s leading
government, private and non-profit organizations
􀂃 EAD published the Abu Dhabi Water Master Plan,
which analyses the status of present and future
water use in the Emirate.
􀂃 EAD established a programme to release the
Arabian Oryx (Al Maha) back into its natural habitat
after more than 40 years near extinction
􀂃 EAD established and manages several nature
protected areas, including Al Wathba Wetland
Reserve and Marawah Marine Biosphere Reserve
􀂃 EAD established programmes to monitor the
Emirate’s marine environment with special focus on
endangered species, water quality, fisheries and
critical habitats
􀂃 EAD manages the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, the
first and largest public falcon hospital in the world.
This has been a commitment for over 10 years.
􀂃 At its National Avian Research Centre, EAD
developed captive breeding techniques for the
Asian houbara bustards to prevent the extinction of
the endangered species
􀂃 EAD implements a range of environmental
awareness programmes in the schools of the
􀂃 EAD leads the “Paperless Office” initiative
􀂃 In 2008, for the first time in the UAE, EAD
conducted a survey on the level of environmental
awareness and behaviour in Abu Dhabi
􀂃 EAD champions the Abu Dhabi Global
Environmental Data Initiative providing user-friendly
access to high quality environmental data
􀂃 In 2008, EAD won the Abu Dhabi Award for
Excellent Government Performance (Best Large
Government Entity and Excellent Managerial
􀂃 In 2009, EAD was awarded the Environmental
Management Award for best implementation of
environmental management in an Arab government

This piece is taken from the website of the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi.

See on-line at: http://www.ead.ae/_data/global/files/fact%20sheet%202010/english%20revised%20ead%20fact%20sheet2010.pdf

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