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Global Engineering Systems FZC – Who We Are

July 29, 2010

A look into the future, and the frames that unfold in the sight are those of endless miseries to the mankind – desertification of agricultural lands, fast extinction of several species of flora and fauna, drying groundwater sources, disappearing rivers, depleting coal mines, drying oil wells, felled forests, melting snow mountains………

Even rain forests are catching fire, sea levels are on the rise, inhabitable land area is steadily shrinking; population is ever on the increase; global temperature levels are rising; sandstorms, cyclones and floods recur more often; drinking water is becoming dearer by the day and expanding holes in the ozone layer are making exposure to sunrays evermore dangerous………

Do we need more proof for the inevitability of the gloom we are fast approaching? We are at crossroads now. Can we reverse these trends now? Unfortunately, NO. Extinction is forever and damages are irreversible.

The best we can do is to arrest the pace and make this earth livable for a few extra thousand years. Supercomputers and biotechnology can do little to help us, unless we help ourselves. The humaneness lost in the process of human-centered thoughts and actions will have to be regained in a nature-centered effort by the humanity, if we are to sustain this environment for our future generations.

It is this realization, thrown out during a casual evening chat amongst a few technocrats, environmentalists and businessmen from different parts of the world, which gave birth to Global Engineering Systems F.Z.C., U.A.E. (GES), a company dedicated to the cause and business of preserving the environment. Today GES has grown to be a multi million dollar, multidivisional company with operations in various countries from east to west and north to south. While, the core objective of the company, like any other business enterprise, is to be a profitable organization, it identifies this objective with the necessity to be a socially committed organization where making profits is just one of many goals and aspirations.

With a talent pool of several engineers and scientists, the Company boasts of its intellectual capital and is poised for a leading position in each of the businesses it operates in.

This piece is taken from the website of the Global Engineering Systems FZC.

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