Egyptian-Italian Environmental Cooperation Program (EIECP) – Solid Waste Management in El Minyia Governorate

The project aims at providing the necessary support to el Minya Governorate to properly manage its Solid Waste. In particular the project is addressing the institutional, information, technical and financial needs for a sound and effective Solid Waste Management system.

The Project will further serve as model to replicate in the other rural governorates in Egypt. In addition, the project will implement a pilot action in El Miniya Governorate. This pilot action would be identified as a priority component of the system.

In particular the project expected results could be summarized as follows :

  • A set of updated data, specific on Solid Waste Management in El Minya Governorate. 
  • An Executive, ready – for- implementation plan for the establishment of a comprehensive, sustainable and integrated SWM scheme for the entire Governorate of El Minya; such a scheme will be conceptualized and designed. 
  • Solid Waste Management Unit ( SWMU) established – and consolidated of SWM within the Governorate, as well as the provision of technical and managerial support to the decentralized authorities.
  • A number of planning, engineering as well as operating staff and workers of El –Minya Governorate trained and experienced on the job, with respect to their competence within the identified SWM cycle ( with particular focus on SWMU staff ). 
  • A Geographical Information System (GIS ) and a database integrated in a Decision Support System ( DSS ), with the objective of advancement of planning and management of collection disposal and treatment options for solid wastes.
  • Both the central, as well as 10 of the peripherals nodes of a ( to be established) data collected network for the feeding of DSS / database, put in operation.
  • A comprehensive document defining clear, reliable and applicable engineering standards for the design, implementation and operation of adequate SWM schemes in Rural Governorates.
  • A demonstrative Pilot Action, aimed at the validation of the methodologies developed within the Project. Such a Pilot will be carried out on a selected geographic and/or thematic restricted scope, to be identified as a result  of Project Task I activities. The definite identification (construction of landfill, rehabilitation of composting plant, improvement of the efficiency of waste collection within a cluster area…) of such a Pilot Action will be adjusted also to the amount of funds available ( to be secured from a new project budget through Debt-for-Development Swap operations, Governorate fund, etc…).
  •  A set of detailed reports, defining ways and methods to enhance sustainability and effectiveness of Project outputs, as well as their updating. Such reports, to be formulated and issued periodically, will build upon the experiences gained and lesson learned during Project implementation.
  • New, and/or enhancement of ongoing, physical infrastructure development project to be established within the SWM reference framework.

The Project is managed and implemented with the full participation of the Governorate and will link with privatization efforts of the Governorate and will follow the national Solid Waste Management Program directives.

This piece is taken from the website of the Egyptian-Italian Environmental Cooperation Program (EIECP).

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