Al Majal Environmental & Technical Services LLC – About Us

The GCC is currently experiencing economic growth never before seen in its history. This growth offers numerous opportunities for the people of the region and for expatriates. Growth requires resources and energy to meet demands of markets. As a result Oman is expanding both horizontally and vertically.
However, growth is also posing serious threats to the country’s natural resources and cultural heritage. Al Majal recognizes these challenges.
Al Majal believes and promotes Corporate Social Responsibility as a way of addressing social and environmental challenges that come with economic growth. The company’s overall strategy and programs are designed to help promote and achieve sustainability in all sectors.
Al Majal joins a growing number of responsible organizations who believe that a key factor in achieving sustainability is by addressing the triple bottom line of society, environment and economy.
Al Majal aims to partner with individuals, companies, concerned groups and the community at large in meeting the challenges brought upon by economic growth through environmental solutions and overall environmental protection. It aims to be a leading company in environmental best practices while partnering with other companies in addressing their sustainability concerns.
Al Majal is an indigenous organization of Oman, for Oman.

This piece is taken from the website of Al Majal Environmental & Technical Services LLC.

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