Al Majal Environmental & Technical Services LLC – Green Building Solutions

Al Majal announces its contribution to the advent of sustainable construction in Oman with the introduction of an in-country LEED consultancy that supports sustainable Green Building Practices through the entire Life-Cycle of a project which considers its economic and environmental impact and performance.

Through innovative designs, green building practices offer the opportunity for stakeholders to create environmentally-sound and resource-efficient buildings. Green buildings offers resource conservation, including energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation features; consider environmental impacts and waste minimization; create a healthy and comfortable environment; reduce operation and maintenance costs; and address issues such as historical preservation, access to public transportation and other community infrastructure systems.

United Nations Environmental Program released the report Buildings and Climate Change, stating 30-40% of energy worldwide is consumed in what is known as the Life-Cycle (the design, construction, operation and demolition) of a building. This report confirms that addressing the energy use of the built environment could contribute significantly in reducing our energy demand and consequently reduce our carbon emissions.

Al Majal has  LEED accredited experts to undertake education, consultation, management and marketing of LEED projects to meet your needs as they relate to green building.

We draw from our wisdom and knowledge on sustainable development and construction to help your company identify and implement the most cost-effective and environmentally-responsible green building strategies.

  • Green Building/LEED Program
  • Green Building Education
  • Renewable Energy Systems Analysis
  • LEED Project Management
  • Corporate Sustainability Planning
  • Energy Modeling

This piece is taken from the website of Al Majal Environmental & Technical Services LLC.

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