Al Majal Environmental & Technical Services LLC – Management Systems

Al-Majal specializes in the implementation and development of Management System. Management Systems have been developed to satisfy the growing needs of business to adopt a more formalized approach to effective, efficient and eco-friendly business practices. They provide a frame work for companies to set objectives, targets, implement systems and report on environmental performance.

Our services include certification in ISO9001, ISO 14001, ISO18001, ISO20000, ISO22000, ISO26000, EMAS among others.

There are many forces currently driving organizations to improve their sustainability performance. The introduction of Management Systems can assist companies to achieve such benefits through providing expert advice and consistent client contact throughout the systems development and implementation process and provide the following potential benefits:

      • Compliance with the environmental legislations
      • Reduction in energy and resource consumption.
      • Reduce legal liability
      • Improving the understanding of current and future needs
      • Environmental compliance programs
      • Gap analysis to establish status against selected EMS standards.
      • Development of policies, procedures, planning and documentation.
      • Competitive advantage from increased marketability.
      • Benchmarking management against industry competitors.
      • Formulation of Environmental Policy.
      • Very Good Environmental Planning
      • Environmental Corrective Action
      • Management Review.
      • Prevention of pollution

This piece is taken from the website of Al Majal Environmental & Technical Services LLC.

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