Al Majal Environmental & Technical Services LLC – Sustainable Development Solutions

Rapid growth is posing serious threats to the country’s natural resources and cultural heritage. At present the energy demand of the country has increased to meet the requirements of the construction, tourism and manufacturing sectors. Underneath the growth and opportunities, the waste output of the country has also risen significantly. The country is consistently challenged by water scarcity being in one of the driest regions of the world. There is also a big problem posed by a growing population which is requiring more resources and more energy. There are on-going initiatives to undertake expanded seawater desalination through central desalination plants however the desalination process requires energy or fossil fuel that contributes massive greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.
These are just some of the challenges to the country’s steady growth. The recent incidences of water scarcity and power outage are signs that the country should address efficiency measures to conserve its resources, especially oil and water. Al Majal offers the following practical but highly effective measures

  • Water, Energy Resource Audit
  • Practical Water Saving solutions (retrofits, WSD, waterless urinals…)
  • Waste Paper Recycling Program Collection; Waste Management Solutions
  • Eco-friendly products and construction solutions
  • Start Up CSR activities (starting a CSR initiative)

This piece is taken from the website of Al Majal Environmental & Technical Services LLC.

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