Environment Society of Oman – Plastic Bags Campaign

After much planning, anticipation and requests from our members, ESO decided to implement an Anti Plastic Bag awareness raising campaign with the slogan:


“No to Plastic Bags For Oman”

Our aim is to raise awareness of the dangers of plastic bag pollution as well as to try and initiate a change in both consumers and retail outlet behaviour. Our end goal is to present the relevant government authorities with enough information and baseline data to be able to regulate the use of plastic bags in Oman.


As a result of our campaign, all partner supermarkets have begun producing their own reusable bags.


The campaign was launched on Oct 25th 2008 and was funded by Oman LNG LLC, to whom we are extremely grateful.


We would also like to thank the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs for their endorsement of the campaign.

Elements include:


Training Retail Staff at Large Supermarkets


This commenced in December 2008 and we have the following supermarkets on board:


Al Fair
Khimji Mart
Sultan Center
Shell Select Shops
Oman Oil Shops
Al MahaSouq Shops

We hope that the supermarkets will ensure the training is properly enforced and a few have already agreed to implementing a policy change within their own companies.

The supermarket launch of the campaign began on Jan 8th 2009 where volunteers and school children were present at 14 locations of our partner supermarkets, giving out reusable bags and information. Staff at the supermarkets will be using their training in future on how to pack bags and asking customers whether they need a plastic bag.

Throughout the month following January 8th, reusuable jute bags were available for a nominal fee of 100bz from these supermarkets and many of the supermarkets have already started to make their own bags for customers to buy and reuse (as ESO is only able to make a certain number for the campaign).  For those interested in purchasing bulk reusable jute bags please contact The Jute Company (www.thejutecompany.com)


We are unable to reach all the smaller “foodstuff shops” with training and so we will be handing out laminated sheets with facts, statistics and information as well as how best to pack bags and asking customers if they need a plastic bags.


Raising Awareness within Schools

14 private schools were targeted in the Muscat area and all public schools in the Sultanate. ESO prepared presentations and discussion points as well as having displayed posters and other awareness raising materials at the schools.


School children volunteered on January 8th at the supermarkets.

Tour of Oman

We have been traveling around in a branded van to 5 locations and surrounding areas, again giving out reusable bags, merchandise, information and raising awareness through a media campaign.



Green Pace

On February 27th 2009 the Crowne Plaza hosted a family event open to all. Participants used any mode of  non -polluting transport, eg. walk, run, cycle, rollerblade. Over 400 people attended.




This piece is taken from the website of the Environment Society of Oman.

See on-line at: http://www.environment.org.om/index/list2.php?categoryId=332&Extension=gif 


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