Marine Emergency Mutual Aid Centre (MEMAC) – How MEMAC Deals with Incidents?

Upon receiving notification of an oil spill incident from any source, the following steps are taken immediately:

  • Verification of the incident.
  • Collect complete data about the incident.
  • Notifying and transmission of all data to all Member States.
  • Notifying local, regional and international private sectors working in the field of combating marine pollution to be on standby in case of necessity
  • Continuous exchange of incident data and follow-up.
  • Updated information about the incident status is continuously provided to all Member States
  • Legal and technical advice is continuously provided to the Member States
  • Oil Spill Trajectory Model is used for early prediction
  • In case of any assistance in needed, MEMAC liaises with the Member States as well as with other regional and international firms.
  • A record about the incident is kept for studying and as a lesson to be learnt for future avoidance of any similar incident.


This piece is taken from the website of the Marine Emergency Mutual Aid Centre .

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