Geant Hypermarket Dubai – Environmental Policy

No-Plastic/ Jute Bag Campaign:

In order to encourage customers to reduce the use of plastic bags and look at alternatives i.e. environment friendly reusable jute bags, Geant / Le Marche introduced a 30 fils charge per plastic bag effective Feb 2008. The customer has the option of returning the plastic bag for which the amount of 30 fils shall be returned to the customer. The proceeds raised through the contribution by the customers are being donated to the EWS-WWF led Environmental education and awareness programmed. Reusable jute bags of 2 sizes are available at Geant / Le Marche at a price of Dhs 5/- & Dhs 7/- respectively.

Customer Awareness in Geant/Le Marche stores: 

Glimpses of the environment degradation and the impact on the wildlife due to usage of plastic bags have been put up in the form of posters across Geant/Le Marche stores. Additionally, other cashiers are trained to ask the customer whether they really need plastic bags.

Interactive Enviro-Spellathon:

Effective October 2008, Geant / Le Marche  supports the EWS-WWF Interactive Enviro-spellathon which was launched to educate the children about the natural habitats of the UAE and provides important lessons on how to care for and protect the local environment.

Art Competition:

In order to inspire young artists with “No-plastic” initiative coupled with artistic talents of young students from the schools across the UAE, Geant/ Le Marche also sponsored the environment art competition in May 2009. The various art works including the prize winning entry were on display in the Ibn Battuta Mall.  The best individual painting was the theme “Wildlife of the seas” and the student was awarded a laptop computer. A prize was also awarded to the best school for the highest standards of the entries.

Environmental Adventure Day: 

Students with the various art work entries were sponsored for an Environment Adventure Day where the students were given an opportunity to explore the natural habitat in the Fujairah Wadi which is home to several rare and endangered wildlife species.

Since February 2008, a total contribution of about Dhs 600,000/- has been made to the EWS-WWF and this initiative has continued to benefit UAE environment through the sponsored joint initiative of EWS-WWF & Geant/ Le Marche.


This piece is taken from the website of Geant Hypermarket Dubai.

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