The Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) – Community Outreach

Emirates Environmental Group believes in a world where environmental observations improve daily life. As an active member of society, EEG conducts numerous outreach activities in schools and other sectors of the community on environmental awareness and other relevant development-related topics. EEG recognizes that education is a core component of sustainable development. Therefore it extends its knowledge and experience in providing lectures, exhibits, site visits among others to promote green thinking, sustainable living, and encourage active involvement. EEG’s major engagements with its stakeholders are:

Clean Up UAE

EEG’s vision since its conception has been to bind together all the different sectors of the community, to act as one, with a common goal of being good stewards of the environment by way of a national cleanup campaign. Through the years, it has become a national symbol of environmental action and a bench-mark in a cross-sectoral involvement. Initially conceived in December 2002 as a collective grassroots initiative to sweep the nation clean, the Clean Up UAE campaign has successfully evolved into a nation-wide event that battles against environmental degradation nurtured solely through volunteer participation. It is a pioneering activity that has fruitfully rallied unrelenting support from sponsors, volunteers and government agencies.

Million Tree Campaign

The UAE’s desert habitat is no stranger to rapid and vast urban expansion, which continues to threaten precious natural habitats and green spaces. EEG recognises the value of trees and green spaces. They improve the visual appreances, they contribute to the world’s carbon storage sink, improve air quality and act as a habitat to many species. Thus, the current scenario has led EEG on continuous campaign to plant more and more trees across the UAE. EEG undertook the responsibility of coordinating, overseeing, facilitating and planting one million trees in UAE, in the year 2007 in support of UNEP’s Billion Tree Campaign. Through this campaign EEG managed to surpass its target and planted a total of 2,091,076 million indigenous trees in the UAE and its neighbouring countries since its inception.

One Root, One Commmuni-Tree

This campaign is launched with the aim of diverting waste from landfills, to implement habitual long term recycling, to promote volunteerism and civic responsibility in the society; and Corporate Social Responsibility among organizations, and to expand the sustainable green patch in the UAE. The participants of this campaign of EEG are encouraged to collect any of the recyclable materials like Papers, mobile, plastics, toners, cans and Tetra Paks. Those who are able to collect the minimum required quantity within two weeks will be eligible and get an opportunity to plant a tree under their name in one of the public places in the UAE on November 11, 2011.

Monthly Community Lecture

The evening ‘Community Lecture’ program started in 1992. It is an open public platform which caters to the different segment of the society. It covers different pertinent national, regional and international environmental issues such as marine pollution, air pollution, land pollution, global warming, ozone depletion, climate change, waste management, bio-diversity, wildlife management, green buildings, green education, green procurement, energy and water conservation etc.. The purpose of such lectures is to increase awareness among the community about the essential need to preserve the environment by playing an active role in our own individual ways and to protect the environment by preventing the negative impacts on the environment.


This piece is taken from the website of the Emirates Environmental Group.

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