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Egyptian-Italian Environmental Cooperation Program (EIECP) – Water Resources Decision Support System

February 13, 2011

The Decision Support System Project (DSSP) has been implemented during the period March 1998 to August 2001. The project activities have been extended up to October 2003.

The original objectives of the project were:

(i)      Proposing a methodology for the integration of environmental and socio-economic aspects in the water resources planning exercise; 

(ii)    Developing a computer-based tool that multiplies the Decision-Makers (DMs) capacity of analysis and evaluation, stimulating the adoption of a wider and more integrated perspective in the planning process, as well as fostering the multi-actors dialogue

(iii)     Contributing to the capacity-building of the researchers and DMs of the concerned institutions. In particular, these institutions are: the National Water Research Center (NWRC) as the implementing agency through its Strategic Research Unit (SRU); the EEAA (Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency) and the Planning Sector of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWRI-PS).

The project has to a reasonable extent achieved its objectives. However, to fully capitalize the efforts and resources spent, a second phase of three years duration is currently under implementation.  

In specific, it is expected that the project in Phase II will:

  1. Consolidate the results achieved and ensure the sustainability of the main  activities undertaken, 

  2. Build upon the experience and lessons learned in implementing the various project activities.

The objectives of Phase II of the project could be summarized as follows:

Overall Objective

To draw water resources policies and plans that are consistent with sustainability ethic and aim at quality of life improvement, thus avoiding decisions which might have adverse impact on them. 

Specific Objectives

  • To refine and disseminate the methodology developed for the environmental and socio-economic aspects in the analysis of WR scenarios and development measures;
  • To enhance the capacity of the computer-based tool developed (DSS) to implement the above methodology;
  • To contribute to the capacity building of high level technical staff of the NWRC/SRU, the MWRI-PS, and the EEAA;
  • To analyze the effects linked to the adoption of a particular national plan (the National Water Resources Plan) for utilization of water resources; 
  • To assess the effectiveness of the DSS by conducting case-study (ies).

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