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The Jordanian Network for Environmentally Friendly Industries (JNEFI) – Programmes

March 25, 2010

The Jordan Cleaner Production Program (JCPP)

 Triggered by JNEFI’s success, FOEs launched in 2002 the Jordan Cleaner Production Program (JCPP).

JCPP, headed by His Royal Highness Prince Firas Bin Raad, signifies the debut of a new future for Jordanian SME’s and will be in cooperation with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

This program is based on building national alliances between nine governmental, semi governmental and non-governmental institutions.

DELTA Jordan Prgramme

To expand JNEFI’s services, to facilitate the information exchange between the Jordanian Industries and the International industries around the world and to answer the environmental expectations of the Jordanian industrialists, JNEFI had became part of the DELTA Programme (
Developing Environmental Leadership Towards Action) on 2000.



The DELTA Networks are operating in: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey. During the last 8 years of activity, the DELTA Programme (Developing Environmental Leadership Towards Action) saw the establishment of DELTA Networks in each of the countries concerned and assured the good operation of their structure on a national level.The DELTA Networks gather the most pro-active industrialists in an environmental perspective that act concretely in their own company with the help of their staff towards better working and environmental conditions.

EJADA’s grant was provided in response to the urgent need, which is to build the FOE/JNEFI capacity in order to further develop and strengthen the JCPP, FOE/JNEFI has taken on the responsibility to upgrade and build the necessary capacity of the JNEFI.


It is clear that building up such capacity will create a certain high standard of performance within JNEFI staff, which ultimately makes JNEFI’s task of providing the necessary services easy to achieve. This will be made possible by strengthening the technical infrastructure at the FOEs/JNEFI.
This piece is taken from the website of The Jordanian Network for Environmentally Friendly Industries (JNEFI).

The Jordanian Network For Environmentally Friendly Industries (JNEFI) – About JNEFI

March 25, 2010

The first such network in Jordan and in fact in the Middle East, The Friends of Environment Society (FOES) established this network in 1999, whose goal is assisting Industries to become more Environmentally Friendly, while still growing economically.

This network is a non-profit and non-governmental network that includes small medium and heavy industries that are seeking to find economical solutions to their environmental problems.

JNEFI’s Goals
  • Promote awareness of the economical and environmental benefits of environmental technologies and services as a means to achieve consumer satisfaction.
  • Provide information and advice on Jordanian environmental legislation, R&D funding and market opportunities.
  • Promote environmental standards, which enhance the industry’s competitiveness in local, regional and international markets.
  • Conduct internal environmental reviews, and encourage members to reduce environmental risk and promote sustainable development.
  • Create a network of local environmentally friendly industries and encourage the exchange of experience with other similar network.
JNEFI’s Services
  • Cleaner Production services.
  • Newsletter, twice a year.
  • Regional; and International Exchange.
  • Access to the Jordanian Cleaner Production Program (JCPP).
  • A Forum for environmentally friendly industries to meet and exchange information.
  • Create forum for SMEs to exchange vital information.
JNEFI’s Benefits
  • Exchange of information and experience between members.
  • Providing access to Clean Technologies and innovation.
  • Collaboration with other national and international organizations in areas of common interest; such as training and consulting services.
  • Providing a review for Information sharing with industries and other stakeholders such as (audiences, including shareholders, employees, customers, governments, and the public sector).
  • Facilitating access to environmental funds and research institutions

This piece is taken from the website of The Jordanian Network For Environmentally Friendly Industries  (JNEFI).

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