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February 28, 2011

Shell demonstrated its contribution to the conservation of Oman through the implementation of new environmental projects. Placing an emphasis on the importance of environmental issues within the Omani community, Shell supported such projects as a book entitled “Marine Life in Arabian Seas”, as well as educating schoolchildren through theatre performances on the importance of saving the planet through recycling. The Shell Development Oman is also a member of the Environmental Society of Oman with a view to providing assistance and contribution to organisation that are dedicated to the environment.

Workshop on The Use of Energy & CO2

On June 2008 The Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs jointly with Shell Development Oman organised a workshop on ‘The Use of Energy and Carbon Dioxide (CO2): Towards Environmentally Sustainable Development’. Representatives from key organisations in Oman, including both Government and industries, who are part of and/or responsible for tackling environmental issues attended.

The workshop focused on regulatory and technological options currently being developed elsewhere and discussed their applicability to Oman. Moreover it created an understanding of the emerging energy supply and demand patterns in the world and how the role of industries’ governments’ and individuals’ behaviour will shape those patterns. The participants also discussed the options available to mitigate the harmful effects of increased CO2 emissions.

The Environment Curriculum

The Ministry of Education, the Environment Society of Oman and Shell are currently working on preparing the ‘Environment Education Document in the Omani Curriculum’. The objective of carrying out this initiative is to help educate school children and their families by incorporating environment related topics into the current curriculum used in public and private schools to improve awareness of environmental issues and become actively involved in conservation. It involves partnership with different organisations to foster cooperation between the government, NGOs and the private sector to promote conservation of Oman’s natural environment.

Marine Life in Arabian Seas

Written by Robert Baldwin, the “Marine Life in Arabian Seas” was sponsored by Shell Development Oman and aims to provide an understanding of Oman’s rich environment.

The book also attempts to portray a range of marine life that in both representative of, and peculiar to Arabian seas, through a collection of photographs taken in waters bounding the Arabian peninsula, including the Arabian Gulf, Gulf of Oman, Arabian sea, Gulf of Aden and Red sea.

Environment Society of Oman

In recognition of Oman’s unique habitat and landscapes, blessed with pristine beaches and coral reefs; high mountains and breathtaking deserts sands, Shell became a member of the Environmental Society of Oman in 2008.

Through its membership, Shell has aimed to raise public awareness of environmental issues and encourage active research into many aspects of the Sultanate’s environment in order to provide the necessary information for conservation and education initiatives. Helping to conserve Oman’s natural heritage is also a priority for Shell’s membership.

Whales & Dolphins of Arabia Book

In one of the world’s most rapidly developing regions, the future of whales and dolphins in Arabia is dependent upon our understanding their of conservation needs. Careful stewardship of the marine environment in which they live, as well as protection of the many populations of whales and dolphins themselves, is critical to their continued survival.

This book, which Shell Development Oman is pleased to be associated with, is a valuable contribution to Shell’s awareness, knowledge and appreciation of whales and dolphins of Arabia. And Shell hopes that it will inspire readers to participate more actively in their protection and to continue to discover more about a fascinating part of the region’s natural heritage. This book were issued in 2003.

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Arabian Leopard Project

The Arabian leopard Panthera pardus nimr, or nimr in Arabic, is the largest surviving carnivore in the Arabian Peninsula. It is ten times rarer than the Giant Panda. Jabal Samhan, proposed as a protected area in 1986, was declared a Nature Reserve for Arabian Leopard by Royal Decree 48/97 in June 1997.

Shell Development Oman sponsored the studies made to save this kind of animals through a sponsorship of maps made to locate these leopards in different areas of Oman so the project people can looked after them and save them.

Middle East Research Centre

The Middle East Desalination Research Centre (MEDRC) research programme is designed to address Middle East and North Africa (MENA) desalination needs across seven technical research topics and related communication and training areas.

The centre is especially interested in projects which have a multi-national and multi-institutional element. For more information about the centre, please contact the centre

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