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Shell Oman – Environment

February 28, 2011

Managing environmental impacts

Shell Oman conducts continous Environmental Site Assessment and monitoring works for the underground water contaminated retail sites. Spills of oil and oil products can harm the environment and put our employees and neighbouring communities at risk. While spills from oil tankers attract the most public attention, they are rare. At our operations, we have been steadily reducing the amount of oil and oil products spilled for reasons we can control, like corrosion or operational failures.

The Company Participated in, and sponsored, several environmental events. Among others, the Company plays a role in the Oman Environment Day, the Coral Reef Cleaning Initiative, etc.

Shell Oman enrolled onto the Ambient Air Emission Monitoring Programme for Mina Al-Fahal Area supervised by PDO.

This piece is taken from the website of Shell Oman.

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