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Qatargas Company – Environmental Adventures at Qatargas

April 25, 2010

At Qatargas, we are committed to a cleaner, healthier environment for all creatures to enjoy. We help protect the environment in many ways. Join Green Salamah, our Enviro Camel, for a tour of our exciting projects!

Building Ecoreefs

Coral reefs are fragile, important habitats that are home to nearly 25% of all known marine life. Qatar’s coral communities have been severely damaged by natural changes in the ocean’s temperature. Qatargas is helping damaged coral communities off Ras Laffan to recover by building an artificial reef out of ceramic modules known as “EcoReefs®.”

EcoReefs® mimic the branching corals that make up a natural coral reef. They are used around the world for improving and restoring habitat. The modules help the reef to recover by providing a safe home for fish and other reef creatures, and a structure for young corals to grow on.

Studying Sea Turtles

The hawksbill sea turtle is an endangered species that lays its eggs on Qatar’s beaches. To help protect them, Qatargas and Ras Laffan City (RLC) have been studying the turtles and keeping their nesting grounds safe from disturbances.

Releasing Sea Snakes

Sea snakes are very poisonous but docile marine creatures that can grow up to 2 m long! They often get trapped in the pipes that take cooling seawater into Qatargas’ LNG plant. Qatargas releases the snakes in a safe location, and is helping to study these mysterious creatures we know so little about.

Reducing Smog

When the giant condensate tankers are being loaded at Ras Laffan Port, vapours called “volatile organic compounds” (VOCs) are produced that can contribute to smog. Qatargas is leading the design of a system that will destroy these vapours by burning them before they can pollute the air. The system is called a Common VOC Control system.

Smokeless Flaring

The small flame you see burning out of a tall pipe at the Qatargas LNG plant is called a “flare.” Flaring is a very important part of the plant’s safety system. The flame shows that the plant is operating normally, and provides a safety valve for excess gas to quickly leave the plant. Qatargas uses modern steam-assisted flaring technology to reduce the smoke and emissions produced by burning gas.

Banishing Barnacles

When huge numbers of barnacles cling to the hulls of Qatargas’ LNG transport ships, they slow the ships down. Traditionally, the ship’s hulls were painted with tin-based paint that was toxic to barnacles and other marine creatures. To protect the environment, Qatargas has switched to a special slippery, silicon-based paint that the barnacles can’t stick to and that is not harmful to marine life.

We Recycle

Recycling is a great way to conserve resources and reduce garbage. At Qatargas, we recycle paper, cardboard, waste oils, scrap wood, waste concrete, scrap metal, used oil and plastic drums, batteries and plastics. If you live in the Al Khor Housing Community, you know all about our recycling programme!

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