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Select Fatwas of Ayatollah Makarem-Shirazi on Environmental Protection

November 24, 2010
Select Fatwas of Ayatollah Makarem-Shirazi on the Natural Environment and Environmental Protection:
Fatwa Response or Body of Essay: 

Question: What is your opinion about pouring sewage and waste into streams, rivers and lakes which would kill hundreds of thousands of aquatic creatures and makes irreversible damages to the nature?

Answer: It is not permitted to contaminate rivers and lakes in the way that it kills aquatic creatures and in result, makes damages and difficulties for people.

Question: If a person uses a device which causes air pollution while there is another device which makes less pollution what is the duty of such a person in the view of Islam?

Answer: Clean air is one of great divine gifts and we must refrain from polluting it.

Question: What is the status of using some chemical substances which kill harmless and useful animals in the nature?

Answer: It is problematic to use any substance that endangers the harmless and useful creatures.

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