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Vivo Energy – Company Background

February 10, 2013

What is Vivo Energy?

Vivo Energy is a company formed by a partnership between Shell, Vitol and Helios Investment Partners. We are a marketing business and the name behind Shell’s customer-facing brand in Africa.


Shell is one of the world’s most respected energy businesses and brings to the Vivo Energy partnership vast experience, a unique depth and breadth of resources and a globally recognized brand name.


Vitol is one of the world’s largest physical energy traders, combining global reach and local expertise to identify and optimize opportunities wherever in the world they do business. Vitol succeeds by thinking fast, acting decisively and getting things done.

Helios Investment Partners

Helios Investment Partners is an independent private investment business with an unrivalled understanding of, and unique focus on, the African marketplace. Founded and managed by Africans, Helios has helped create and grow many successful businesses across the continent.

Shell remains the overarching customer-facing brand and the name on our fuels and lubricants.

Why ‘Vivo’? Because the word means life, vitality and vigour – key qualities the new brand will bring to our operations across Africa. The colours of our logo and graphic device, which we call ‘World of Energy’, symbolize the vibrant, colourful, passionate spirit of Africa.

Vivo Energy is…

  • Committed to safety
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Ambitious
  • Quick thinking and responsive
  • Responsible
  • Focused on long-term sustainable growth
  • Sensitive to local – and global – cultural and environmental issues


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Vivo Energy – Our Vision

February 10, 2013

‘To become Africa’s most respected energy business.’

Our vision is not an end in itself – it is the logical, inevitable outcome of building a strong corporate brand that realizes the full potential of everyone at Vivo Energy.

As the new corporate brand behind the market-leading Shell franchise in Africa, Vivo Energy is committed to building upon Shell’s success.

Born of a partnership between Shell, Vitol and Helios Investment Partners, Vivo Energy is an ambitious, energetic business with the speed of thought and action to quickly identify and capitalize upon new opportunities.

The vision of Vivo Energy is to become Africa’s most respected energy business. This demands that the company sets and maintains the very highest standards in all Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE). The company operates in accordance with Shell’s global HSSE standards, as well as meeting all applicable local legislation. HSSE Performance data is published on an annual basis on the Vivo Energy website.

The goal of Vivo Energy is to create a performance driven, dynamic enterprise with the capability to deliver long term benefits to customers, employees and the local communities in which it operates.

Vivo Energy wants their employees to feel proud to work for the company and a key part of our organizational model is that our employees should be given responsibility and accountability in equal measure.

Vivo Energy will invest to grow and plans to gain market share in its African markets. Simple management structures will increase local responsibilities. This allows Vivo Energy to focus on investment, performance, growth and increasing customer satisfaction, to enhance competitive advantage. By working together to achieve these aims, we will become Africa’s most respected energy business and the trusted voice of our industry wherever we do business.


This post is taken from the website of Vivo Energy.

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