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Somali Environmental Protection and Anti-Desertification Organization (SEPADO)

April 7, 2011

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Somalia Environmental Protection and Anti-desertification Organisation (SEPADO) is legally constituted and registered as voluntary Non-governmental Organisation, formed during the summer of 1996 to combat environmental problems of the war-torn Somalia.

Due to the lack of central government in Somalia during the last 6 years is causing the environment of Somalia to suffer greatly as a result of human destruction. The environmental condition of Somalia is catastrophic and deteriorating day after day. Following are major threats facing the environment in Somalia:

1. Burning of the forests and uprooting of all big trees for charcoal which is exported to Foreign countries for hard currency
2. Due to lack of appropriate maintenance and fuel for the major water rig points that are almost idle, nomads crowd the areas that have water wells & bore holes etc., This causes severe land degradation in those areas.
3. Lack of proper covered roads causes lorries and other automobiles to drive on a wide area of land. The consequence of this is hundreds of kilometres of dead, dust and useless lands. Also this contributes to the creation of dry rivers, canyons that spoil pasture land.
4. Wildlife is poached without any mercy
5. Lack of renewable energy sources results in heavy dependency on wood/charcoal for cooking
6. Heavy cutting of trees by nomads for sheltering livestock. Given the fact that 70% of Somalis are nomads who constantly move from one place to another depending on where the rain falls. These constant movements increase the need for more shelters for both human and livestock which means more trees to cut
7. Foreign fishing vessels with sea sweeping nets
8. Latest and perhaps one of the most serious environmental threats to Somalia are nuclear and waste dumping from abroad
9. Lack of environmental awareness within the Somali society

This piece is taken from the website of the Somali Environmental Protection and Anti-Desertification Organization.

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